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~ alice keep dreaming ~ [userpic]
by ~ alice keep dreaming ~ (ladyiapetus)
at May 2nd, 2013 (10:23 pm)

Well, it's been about a month since I made my little plea for help, and I'm happy to announce that we still have both of our girls. It would have been a really difficult decision on which one to give up and after we finally heard back from the breeder we decided to make a go of it. So I figured that it was about time that I introduced them to everybody.

Two innocent little angels

So these are our new girls; the running gag was that Maddie had such big shoes to fill it's taking two corgis to do it. The tri is Jozee and the red and white is Lucy. Their mothers were full sisters so they're cousins. Lucy is definitely the dominant one of the pair; whenever we're playing with the girls, if Jozee is getting attention then Lucy has to try and budge her way in.

~ alice keep dreaming ~ [userpic]
by ~ alice keep dreaming ~ (ladyiapetus)
at March 13th, 2013 (12:46 am)

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I'm going to crosspost this to the Facebook group, but I need your help!

Recently (as in Sunday) my family adopted two female corgi puppies. Now Mom's been reading some literature on the Internet about how it's not a good idea to raise two at the same time, that they could bond to each other more than their humans or they can get aggressive with each other - things like that. And she's hinted that it's a possibility we might have to give one of the girls up.

Does anyone have any tips for raising two female corgis at the same time? I don't want to have to lose either of our girls!

Jancy [userpic]
RE:corgi walking problem
by Jancy (ycorgigirl)
at February 18th, 2013 (09:56 am)

I know this site is switching to facebook but I just never seem to get there and I am having a problem with my corgi's feet. She has always walked strangely by dragging her front feet when she steps (I have never had to trim those nails because she wears them down). But she has recently lost some weight and is feeling more energetic so to continue her "healthier lifestyle" I have started taking her on longer walks on the weekends (not just the short daily walk around our block). With the longer walks, when we get home the tops of her feet are bleeding at the nailbeds. I tried boots this weekend and they helped but we had to stop every few feet to put one back on and they were already falling apart. Does anyone else have this problem and, if so, have you found a solution? I am willing to try boots again but I don't want to keep buying them only to have them fail again and I have heard of a salve called musher's helper or something but don't know if that would help in this situation. Thanks for any advise you can give.

Crystal [userpic]
Follow up to "CorgiLove is dying" post
by Crystal (cry884)
at January 16th, 2013 (09:32 pm)

Thank you all for the feedback. I have decided to start up the facebook page and see how it gets used and see if anyone likes it. If it doesn't work out, we can always delete it. But it's good to try new things! Join if you're interested!

Group name: CorgiLove


Carly [userpic]
Ein's Secret Santa
by Carly (dariacarly)
at January 11th, 2013 (05:54 pm)

Ein's secret Santa arrived the other day. Thanks, Jenny (not sure of LJ name?) and Stewart!

He's really excited about the fox and the snaps and the bacon bone. Thanks again!

Jancy [userpic]
RE:Fergie has a little sister
by Jancy (ycorgigirl)
at January 7th, 2013 (01:16 pm)

We adopted a "new year's baby". Our corgi, Fergie, isn't sure how she feels about it yet. IMG_0510 (2)

Misha and Foomin [userpic]
by the way...
by Misha and Foomin (misha_z)
at January 6th, 2013 (10:05 pm)

Misha and Foomin got a new sister at the end of September. See?
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Dandel Dear Mouse [userpic]
Greetings from George
by Dandel Dear Mouse (skeenskool)
at January 6th, 2013 (12:46 pm)


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Danielle [userpic]
by Danielle (lemmingpie)
at January 5th, 2013 (08:39 am)

** Please remember to post a picture or two of your corgi with their Secret Santa gift! :) It is nice to know that your gift has been received!

** If you have not received your package yet, please PM me? (dariacarly, you don't have to of course.)

Also, please enjoy Ein in the snow -

Snow Day Hike

Quadrophenia [userpic]
Sam receives his Secret Santa box (video)
by Quadrophenia (quadro_ellen)
at January 2nd, 2013 (07:36 pm)