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Danielle [userpic]
Monthly Photo Contest (reference page.)
by Danielle (lemmingpie)
at May 2nd, 2008 (09:31 pm)

corgilove Monthly Photo Contest
Rules and Records

**Rules -
*Members only.
*One photo per member per contest. This will keep the contests fair. (Feel free to post as many photos as you like, we love photos! But please designate which you'd like to use for the contest.)
*Photo submissions should be submitted as a comment to the Monthly Photo Theme post, this will keep contest submissions from being spammy or an overload on friend pages.
*The photo contest is for fun. Our Halloween contest is held in October and will be the only contest in which an actual prize will be handed out. (Other than a little "you won!" banner.)
*The contest will remain open for about three and a half weeks, with the last half week of the month designated for voting. I will likely post a reminder halfway through the month in case anybody misses the original post.

(If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know!)

**Past Themes

-April 2011 (Corgi Paws), Current Theme
-March 2011 (Winter Corgis), Winner - Kumir
-Febuary 2011 (Corgi Close Ups), Winner - Penny
-January 2011 (Corgi Tricks), Winner - Foomin
-December 2010 (Corgi Puppies), Winner- Faulks
-November 2010 (What My Corgi is Thankful For), Winner - Ein
-September 2010 (Corgis On Vacation), Winner - Scully
-August 2010 (Panting Corgis), Winner - Sakura
-July 2010 (Corgi Torture), Winner - Link
-June 2010 (Corgi Porn-gi), Winner - Shelby and Darwin (Dis-Honorable Mention!)
-May 2010 (The AMAZING Welsh Corgi!), Winner - Ein
-April 2010 (Corgi Expressions), Winner- Momo
-March 2010 (Fighting Irish McCorgis), Winner- Fargo
-Febuary 2010 (Corgi Love), Winner - Mo and Bri
-January 2010 (Annoyed Corgis), Winner- Momo
-December 2009 (Corgis in Blankets), Winner- Coby
-November 2009 (Sports Fans Corgis!, Winner- Bernie
-September 2009 (Corgis On-the-Go), Winner- Riley
-August 2009 (Stuff on Corgis), Winner- Faulks
-July 2009 (Swimming Corgis), Winner- Lucy
-June 2009 (Dirty Corgis), Winner - Link
-May 2009 (Bath Time Corgis), Winner- Caleb
-April 2009 (Corgi Tongues), Winner- Sakura
-March 2009 (Talkative Corgis), Winner- Lucy
-Febuary 2009 (Corgis with Toys), Winner- Lucy
-January 2009 (Corgis in Motion), Winner - Traum and Galaxy
-December 2008 (Cozy Corgis), Winner - Lucy
-November 2008 (Corgis in the Leaves), Winner - Bella
-September 2008(Corgi Woe), Winner - Pecan
-August 2008(Summer Fun Corgis), Winner - Misha
-July 2008(Belly Up Corgis),Winner - Faulks
-June 2008 (Corgi Butts),Winner - Shelby
-May 2008 (Spring Corgis), Winner - Coby


Posted by: Ruminator (ruminator)
Posted at: May 3rd, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)

By suggestions, you mean for themes? If so, here are a few...

- smiling corgi
- corgis with sad/sulking/melancholy expressions
- wet corgi
- peek-a-boo corgi (at least 70% obscured by something)
- look at that tongue
- confused expressions
- exercise/playtime fanatics
- yawning corgis

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